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Hi. If you're reading this, then props for being so attentive! I always appreciate how much my viewers engage with my work and online presence, and the best I can do to repay such engagement is try to make the best art and content I can for you to enjoy.

That said, I do need some help. You see, my parents are in their senior years. My mother is 66 and my Father is 72. Here they are in a livestream I had a few years ago!

They are wonderful people, and have given me so much love and opportunities throughout the years that I can only hope to repay one day. I love them dearly. Although they've lived over 15 years in their house, the one I grew up in through high school and came back to during college, they do not fully own it. They have been paying off a $130,000 mortgage, and their jobs have not been able to pay them enough to make a dent.

For the past year or so, I have been sending them money monthly, and although it has definitely helped, it's still quite a lot of money to cover, and I'm having a hard time keeping up with it without breaking the bank for my own security. I can definitely keep doing it at the rate I've been able to so far, but as I mentioned before, my parents are in their senior years and are still working. They should be retired. I apologize for being a bit grim, but I worry that at this rate they may not have many years left to truly enjoy a retirement where they fully own the home they are living in, as any savings they may have had, has all gone towards the house. They cannot afford to have savings.


 I hate making such requests for help, as I know there are many out there worse off than I am, that have their own struggles and difficulties. I have been and am actively helping my parents as best I can on my own, but not at the rate that I'd like, as doing much more could potentially throw me into a similar kind of debt that my parents have found themselves in.

Below is a gofundme for my parents' house mortgage. I only ask for what you are able to freely give with no harm to yourself. A dollar. A nickle. Anything and Everything helps. Those of you who have supported me in the past, through donations, patreon memberships, buying merch and plushies, you have already helped me so much in this endeavor already, and it pains me to even ask for any more. But anyone who can and is willing, you'd have my eternal gratitude.

Whatever the case may be, I also just want to thank you, everyone who has ever watched my videos, joined my live streams, enjoyed anything I've made. It means the world to me and more, and has given me opportunities I could only dream of before. And I can only dream to somehow repay such kindness.

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