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because the internet is the internet, and people are the way that they are on the internet, I know for a fact I and my only fans account, and the nature of the non-sexual content on it, will be used as an example of how some people in content creation do not have to go to the same lengths or make the same sacrifices other people do to gain their following, especially in spaces that require such hard work and sacrifices, and how unfair that is.

I firstly want to say that that's absolutely correct, and agree that it IS unfair. It's not fair that I don't have to do the same work on my body, my appearance, my sexual appeal, etc. or go through the same hardships as those who work incredibly hard in all those fields and more to earn the followings and support they have as sex workers (or at the very least sex-work adjacent goods/services). It's not fair, but it should be, and I hope to do my best to help bring about that "perfect world" in whatever ways I can in my life.

However I do hope that it's also taken into account that, after the backlash that I got for the last time I tried to express myself openly in a way some may consider too obnoxious or self flattering, or does not meet their standards for what is acceptable, after such hate and mockery and vitriol over me expressing and depicting myself in a way that makes me happy, makes me feel good and true to myself, I may be hesitant to show such expression further. I hope it's not out of the question that I'd not want to show my real face or body or preferences in any public manner out of fear of more further ridicule, and by extension, that ridicule en masse could domino effect into a green light to some for more potential harassment (of which I am NOT pinning on any one person or handful of persons as their responsibility or fault).

Ridicule and mockery of which I would also attribute to me being a man/male presenting/identifying, as I have a hunch my "I like girls" video, as well as how I like to depict myself as softer, more submissive, more feminine, while still considering myself cis and straight, would not have been the subject of the same kind or amount of ridicule or mockery were I LGBT, or a woman or female presenting/identifying (though I acknowledge that I have no hard data on this, and that exceptions can exist. I'm merely speaking on experience). The only reason I DID express myself in such a way in the first place was due to all the love and support I've received from my fans and friends over the years that made me feel like such self-expression is acceptable and encouraged. But after what happened time and time again as a result of that self expression, perhaps it's not as widely acceptable as I initially thought.

Make no mistake, this is not a cry that "men have it so much harder". < nor is THAT statement a claim that "men have no problems of their own". I know first hand the kind of privileges I do and do not have. I've experienced both sides of the coin and know that the subject of privilege is incredibly complex. And I'd REALLY hope, not a subject people think can be covered with the depth and complexity it deserves on a social media post. I simply wanted to acknowledge something that will inevitably be brought up if I am ever caught as a subject in the topic of discussion, and giving context as to my own reasonings as to why I go about doing onlyfans the way that I do. I really hope, if in such a case that I AM used as an example or talking point, that this full picture is also kept in mind in the discussion. 

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