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JoCat's Personal Nuzlocke Rules

NOTICE - Nuzlockes are self imposed, and moreover everyone does them differently, so please respect any rules I do or do include on this list as they are my own personal preferences. Nobody is obligated to follow anyone else’s ruleset on how to play a nuzlocke challenge, and If you do not enjoy seeing someone play without a rule you personally think is mandatory, then by all means do so in your own nuzlocke run and I hope you have lots of fun! This is merely the ruleset I personally use because they are the rules I personally prefer. Also, if a rule is not here, then that rule is not used.


1) Only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area

  • If the Pokémon is of the same species or evolutionary line as a previously caught Pokémon, you cannot catch it again and can try until you find one that isn’t.

  • If the first valid encounter faints or the player runs away (except in the cases of the bullet point below) no further pokemon can be caught that area.

  • If the first encounter escapes because of a factor outside of your control via Roar, Teleport, explosion etc. you can try again.

  • Both fishing and surfing count as separate areas from tall grass, but not separate from each other.

  • If the first encounter is a double battle, both Pokémon are eligible to be caught. (in the case that one of them has been caught already, the non-caught Pokemon is eligible)

  • Static and unique encounters are exempt from this rule and can be caught regardless of previous encounters.


2) If a Pokémon faints, it must be released - ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.


3) Nickname all caught Pokémon.

4) No using items in battle.


5) No grinding a Pokémon to a level higher than the next gym’s highest level Pokémon (or the Champion’s highest level pokemon in the case of the Elite 4).

  • The only exception is if the Pokémon levels up past that level during the battle with the gym leader/elite 4 member/champion


6) No using the Pokémon daycare to breed for more pokemon.

  • However, the daycare can be used to train/level up pokemon.


7) If the game crashes, you may continue from the last save points as if nothing happened.


8) Any trade evolutions must be your own Pokémon traded back immediately after evolving.


9) No using legendary or mythical Pokémon.


10) If you run into a shiny Pokémon, all nuzlocke rules are void until it is caught, fainted, or escaped.


11) The safari zone is a safe haven and all Pokémon can be caught at ones leisure as long as they aren't duplicates.


12) Nuzlocke rules are not enforced until the player has obtained Pokeballs.


13) If all Pokémon in the party faint during a battle and the player blacks/whites out, the run is over.

This is because of a nuzlocke's rules making what pokemon you have totally luck based, and there's no way to guarantee you'll have a pokemon with the moves or abilities needed against such attacks (mean look, arena trap, damp etc.) that would result in a failed catch.

This is because levels are such a large (though I know not the only) factor in winning or losing a battle, and because of how pokemon works, given enough time you could grind WAY past the gym leader's level, potentially to max and make them no challenge at all, which I feel is not a test of skill, but instead of patience, and defeats the purpose of my nuzlocke.

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