Rules and stuff for the one-shot on July 11th 7pm EST



- I don't do ERP, you can romance NPCs, but if you wanna take it to the bedroom the scene fades to black and you wake up in the arms of your partner(s)

- player consent - if you do something that affects another player's character - such as stealing, pvp, forcing something etc. and that player doesn't agree to it, it flat out does not happen. if you want to play along, we can do competing rolls

- decisions are made as a group - your character is allowed to disagree with a group decision, but they ultimately have to go along with the group

- no metagaming

- let people have their moments

- if you've been taking the lead in plans and conversations a lot, try stepping back for a few encounters so others can have the chance

- read the room, know when it's time to meme and when it's time to be serious

- when roleplaying or thinking about how your character you would act, try your best to SHOW instead of tell. act instead of justify or explain (obviously unless its a discussion, debate, questioning etc). this is not a requirement but highly encouraged.


Telling ="this decision just doesn't fit in with my character's philosophy because [insert backstory justifications here]" < would the other player characters know this? if not then that shouldn't really come up

Showing = "My character clenches their fist and stomps their feet. 'I do not like this decision' they say"  < actions speak louder than OOC explanations/justifications

- no rolls without the DM's call for one and confirmation, otherwise they don't count

- play along, yes-and, and just roll with it - we all get a bit frustrated but at the end of the day, it's just a game where bad things can happen to everybody. treat every 'failure' as an opportunity or just a part of the story.

- if you have a character that's prone to regularly do something that will seriously go against the party overall, make sure your own character will likely be the only one to be punished by those actions.

- alignment is irrelevant, do what you want

- the start of initiative doesn't mean you HAVE to do combat

- it's okay to say "no" to NPCs


- Flanking gives +2 to hit

- Bows are finesse weapons, as such can use either STR or DEX

- partial cover that doesn't break line of sight, such as being behind a small tree or waist-high rock, gives +2 to AC

- if you nat 20 on initiative, you are the first in initiative no matter what

- if you nat 1 on initiative, you are the last in initiative no matter what

- Certain inconsequential skill checks will not require rolls based on points in the skill

- True Strike allows you to pick a single ally within earshot, they will also benefit from it

- Sentinel's speed reduction cannot affect a creature two or more sizes larger than you

- No lucky feat

- you can drink a potion as a bonus action

- inspiration can be used to impose disadvantage on an enemy's saving throw on a spell/effect you have applied on them



- Start at 5th level

- Use Standard Array for your ability scores

- You start with one free feat

- Official material only, but feel free to reflavor things to better suit your vision if you want. if there's a homebrew you REALLY REALLY want, let me look it over first.

- Think about how long your character has worked at the company: are they a rookie? is this their first day? or are they a veteran who's been here since its founding?

- What kind of work and customers do they enjoy? what kind of work and customers do they dislike?

- How much do they care for their work and craft? customer satisfaction?