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On Occasion, I will be available for Commission. In which case, here is a reference sheet and some guidelines in case you would like some artwork done by me.

Note: If commissions are closed at the time you send your request, it means that I will unfortunately not be able to work on it, and the email will go unnoticed.

Bust Up

Sketch - $40 | Clean - $55

Waist Up

Sketch - $50 | Clean - $70

Full Body

Sketch - $60 | Clean - $85

Add Color

Optional + $15

Add Shading

Optional + $15


Prices are on a per-character basis, and non-negotiable. I take commissions on a first-come, first-serve basis. I do waves of 5 clients at a time, and any additional commissions are put on a waiting list that I will send in a reply email.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask via the provided e-mail address

The Process

Send an email with the following information to ensure that I can work on
your commission in a timely and organized manner:

1) an Email with the subject "JOCAT COMMISSION: [Your Name] "

2) what kind of commission you would like, what purpose you intend for the piece and the final price 

[example: "I would like a waist-up sketch with color for a profile icon - $55"]

3) a single paragraph (3-5 sentences MAX) descriptive summary of the character you would like drawn. Be sure to include any important visual descriptions as best you can. Reference sheets and existing depictions may also be provided and are very helpful.
if it is from an existing intellectual property, then simply let me know who they are and where they are from.

[example: "I would like Tracer from Overwatch"]

4) a short summary (2-3 sentences MAX) of the character's personality and/or the action you would like them to be performing (the latter is not a huge deal if you are unable to think of one you would like).

If I accept your commission I will send a reply email with a rough sketch and officially begin work after a payment of the commission price is made. Feel free to let me know about any changes that need to be made once the piece is completed. However, more significant changes will require additional payment. Once the full piece is completed, I will send all appropriate files (PSD, PNG, and JPEG) in their full resolution.

If active spots are filled, I will instead send a reply email showing your place on the waiting list. Payment will not be required until your turn on the active list, in which case I will send a follow-up email where the previous paragraph will apply.

Things to Note

  • I reserve the right to ignore a commission for any reason.

  • Prices may change depending on the detail and complexity of the piece.

  • Once a piece has been completed, you own it and are free to use it however you like as long as proper credit is given.

  • Rates may change over time, but once a commission is accepted, you are guaranteed the price at the time of acceptance.

I will not draw: NSFW, Political, or Hateful subject matter.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask via  the provided e-mail address and I'll answer it as soon as I can.

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