What Counts as Backseating?

> giving tips, help, suggestions, or advice

"wall jumping makes this level easier" "that enemy is weak to fire" "don't look into the basilisk's eyes" "I recommend using a healer for this fight" "stock up on potions, you'll need them later"

> pointing out secrets

"there's a power-up behind that waterfall" "wait a few seconds for a cool easter egg"

> pointing out something that was missed

"you missed an item/NPC back there" "you forgot to save"

> giving solutions

"you have to use the key you found to unlock the door" "hide in the gazebo to avoid the badguys"

> spoiling solutions or progression

"you cant open this door yet, you get a key later" "no you cant spare him you have to fight, it's the only way"

> spoiling gameplay

"you get a rocket launcher later to blow up walls" "you can't do this yet, you unlock it at chapter 6" "dont worry NPC will come back"

> directing

"go left and kill that guy first" "you should use X weapon, it's awesome" "talk to that NPC they're really funny!"

I understand that a lot of these sound like the same thing or could overlap in each category. I just want to be thorough and clear that I'd prefer to play the game and learn things on my own rather than be given the solutions or spoilers on certain things, which I personally find makes the game less enjoyable to play for me personally.